Teddy is 5 months!

Today is Teddy's 5 month birthday!
To celebrate, I gave teddy his first bubble bath...
He had so much fun!
It was the first time he had really splashed.

Also, I made cookies. 
Even though he couldn't eat any, Jase and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

At 5 months,
Theodore Clint Jensen:
*is so wiggly
*is starting to figure out rocking on his hands and knees
*weighs 20 lbs., and is 29 inches long
*loves to cuddle when he first wakes up
*loves music, and loves to dance
*likes the basketball hoop at Grandma and Grandpa Jensen's house
*and the bouncer at Papa and Mimi's house
*adores his mommy and daddy- his eyes get all shiny and happy when we walk into the room
*tried it, and does not like infant cereal
We love him soooooo much, and can't even imagine life without the little cutie.

P.S. Today I am grateful for random conversations with strangers.


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