Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Great news

He is here!
Theodore Clint Jensen 
aka. Teddy, Tedster, T, T-star, or Theo
was born on September 7th, 2012 at 6:34 a.m.
I am working on the birth story to post on here,
 because I always love reading a good
birth story.

But for now, I wanted to post that he is here
and we love him
so much!

P.S.Today I am grateful for my religion, and our beliefs in forever families. See my "i am mormon" button on the side if you want to learn more about we believe.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

15 days...

until my due date!
... but it could happen any day...
and I am dying,
I wanna meet my little guy so bad!
I keep having contractions that get me excited
because it feels like he is on his way!!...
but then they stop.
2 hours later.
Soooo ready for this.
I am trying to do activities that I have heard
people tell me put them into labor.
I have had one lady tell me her water broke when she was getting her hair done...
so today I have a hair appointment.
I have heard several stories about "overdoing it" by putting together the nursery...
so today I am going to buy a dresser for this little one.
Also on my list of things to do today:
I plan on doing a lot of walking.
maybe eat some spicy food.
perhaps discuss with Jase any subject that stresses me out.
(like baby names?)
 I may make the trek up the hill to campus?
I know I won't resort to drinking castor oil or doing anything that could harm me or the baby, or make the actual labor part miserable.
I'm not desperate... just ready ;)
But I am going to do what I can
because I am so anxious to meet this little one!
And I am so so
so so so
so ready to have him in my arms
instead of in my ribs.
(I think he finds it comforting to tuck those little feet into my ribcage... and the bruising is a great extra perk of pregnancy)

P.S. today I am grateful for online college classes.
P.S.S. I just need to brag about my husband for a second: He is so smart!! 
He made it onto the deans list this last semester
and he is working so hard this semester too.
He's a smarty!
I probably get annoying, because I tell
just about anybody who will listen.
What a guy.
I am so lucky to have a very very very attractive husband who is working so hard
for his family, and who is passionate about
what he is going into!
Just love him.