So proud

My little sister, Sarah, is running for Miss Utah County
on August 11th.
Guess who gets to be her hostess.
That's right, yours truly!!
I. am. so. excited.
Anyway, while I am proud of her for running,
and doing it in a classy, modest way,
I am even more proud of the platform that she chose:
(The link is to her blog- read the June 24th one, it's my fave.)
She is such an amazing girl, 
and has come a long way in building this platform without even knowing it
she is such a great example to girls everywhere 
who are feeling bad about their body images
these emotions can be devastating, and no one knows it better than Sarah.
I am so proud of her for coming forward and being willing to share
her story in order to help others face their fears.
What a gal.
She's my sis, so I feel like I can brag:

Look how pretty she is!

P.S. Today, I am grateful for my cute hubby. (Second brag of the day: He carries my laptop and heavy books up to campus for me every day, such a studly man)


Ally Remund said…
Yay! I love Sarah so much! She is such a special person. I'm so excited she is running for Miss Utah County!
Justin + Liesl said…
LOVE! I want to see you! Can't wait to see the new baby!!!


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