One Year!

First thing's first: The Kidney Stone's gone!! :D
So happy to not have to sit down for everything.
Jase got this funny pic of me cooking dinner while sitting down...


Okay, On to bigger and better things- 
On monday I got to celebrate my 1 year anniversary with Jason!
I woke up to find this beautiful spread on our table:

We each got a new king-sized pillow, and then he got me a "world's best mommy" mug filled with my favorite scentsy scent, wrote the most beautiful note in a cute card (which of course made me blubber like a babe, and my favorite kinda chocolate! What a guy! Oh! and Flowers- 1 for every month we've been together.
How cute is that!?
We were going to be in St. George last weekend,
but plans changed, and we are going this weekend instead,
which meant that we got to spend the day in Logan
and I wouldn't have had it any other way!
We spent the day remembering fun/awesome/sweet/funny memories that happened on our wedding day at the same time they happened that day.
We would just be like, "It's noon! Right about now, we were heading over to our luncheon and everyone was clinking their little bells at us to kiss over and over, man it was hard to eat!" 
But most of all, we kept saying that "who knew that 1 year from that day we would be getting ready for a BABY!?" 
It feels so right.
That doesn't make it any easier to wrap your brain around it though, sometimes!
Still feels pretty crazy!
We just spent the day going to our favorite places in Logan-
At First Dam, we fed ducks
and took dorky pics

At Second Dam, we found a Stork!!

You can barely tell what it is in the picture...
 We thought it was so funny and ironic

We also watched Snow White and the Hunter...
Weird movie. Probably not my fave.

Then we went to Coppermill to eat a yummy anniversary dinner,
and I got the blazer chicken sandwich, which I am absolutely obsessed with.
Jason got the Chicken Louie, which is famously local.... 
Look how cute he is :)

We had a blast.
This last year has been the best year of my life, and I can't imagine being this happy with anyone else!
Jason's my all-time best friend, which I am coming to find out is rare in a lot of marriages.
I love that I can talk to him about anything, and that if I have a question, he goes to all lengths to find the answer.
I love how curious he is, and how he looks up how washing machines work just because he wants to, and how he loves to win or be top dog at everything he does.
He's the best, and I wouldn't trade this year of just the two of us for anything,
while I am way excited for this little one on his way-
I have loved my year with just Jason and I-
We're the 2 amigos!

...on our way to becoming the 3 musketeers ;)

P.S. Today, I am grateful for Love. (cheesy, I know.)


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