Kidney Stones

I thought I had gotten past the worst of it, but I called my doctor last week when I started getting a pain that wouldn't go away, and wasn't feeling like it was one of the normal prego pains...
so I went in for some tests and come to find out, dun dun dun duunnn:
I have a kidney stone. 
I guess it's pretty common in pregnancy. 
Anyway, here's a brief glimpse of what my life has been like since I found out

Pregnant life with kidney stones:

Lots and lots of watermelon :)

Lots of pampering from my awesome husby

Lots of time to just sit here, drink water, and wait for the dang thing to pass! :)

Of course, I'm not doing homework, even though that would be the sensible thing to do... that's where I'm headed next!

P.S. Today I am grateful for my white board.


Ally Remund said…
You poor thing! Get better soon!
Naysel said…
I hope this all goes away soon! Keep us updated!
Ashley said…
Thanks for the well wishes, Ally and Naysel!! :) You both are too awesome! Feeling much better now- Hope life is fantastic!

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