Did I sniffle through this entire thing?
In the middle of a school computer lab?
Elder Holland is the bomb.
Maybe it's the hormones, or maybe I just needed to hear it today.
Man, though, I am excited for this adventure...
Some parts of the video scares me,
like the part where the parent's are trying to have family praryer, and kids are squirming and climbing all over the place...
But I know that motherhood is a divine calling, and I am so lucky to have this little one preparing to come to Jason and I
What a rollercoaster this has been!

P.S. Today I am thankful for warm weather and missionaries.


ellenbush said…
I can't believe my ash bay bay is PREGO! I am so excited for you. I don't know if I've told you lately that i miss you? I'm sorry that the past couple months have been rough going for you, I can't imagine the toll that pregnancy takes on your body. Here's to hoping you feel better soon! (and that I find a way awesome job soon because my desk job at the dental office just isn't thrilling my everyday life)

<3<3<3 you!
Ashley said…
Ell!! It's absolutely insane!! It seems like forever ago when we'd cry on each other's shoulders about boys and sing our hearts out in the car to cobra starship! So crazy! I think about you all the time, girlfriend! Things are starting to look up on the pregnancy front, so that's great :) I miss you too girlfriend! I wish I had your phone number, I'd be texting you non-stop :) Hope you find a STELLAR job soon where you can let your creative self run loose- you are the most talented designer I know!

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