{Part Two}

The next day:
The next day was sunday, and for dinner my dad had made the best homemade hamburgers in the whole world! I was so excited to eat them, but Tessa really wanted to go over to Jason's house to eat spaghetti... and Jason had stolen my glasses... so we went. I didn't eat much because first off, he made wheat spaghetti, and second off, I wanted to save room for these hamburgers that my dad had made. After eating, I kept trying to leave, but Jason thought it would be fun to make cookies, even though he didn't have any of the stuff you need to make cookies- So he sent Tess and I around to all of the boy apartments in his complex to gather the stuff. We made the cookies, and they were really really good, and Jason slyly got my number without me realizing it. But I was ready to eat those hamburgers, so I told Jason he could come if he wanted, but I was going to go to Salem. We made a detour to Salem Pond on the way home because I promised Tess and J that I would show it to them, and I kinda kept wandering away while we were there, trying to give Tess and Jason some space, but then Jason would leave Tessa by herself, and so when I went back to Tess, Jason would be right there again! haha

The cookies we made

Note the glasses

After the pond, we finally got home and dug into those delicious hamburgers, and Jason met the family for the first time. They liked him, he liked them, and we all got along. Nobody really thought anything about it really, and it was very chill.

We headed back to provo, Jason so he could go home, and Tess and I because we were going to sleep out by the library for the freedom parade the next night. Jason said he would meet up with us at the parade the next day. That night was horrible, we didn't sleep a wink, and it wasn't because I was up dreaming about Jason, there were noisy teenagers running all over the place, and I think my hair even got stepped on at one point in the night. Needless to say, Tess and I got out of the fast, and went back to Salem to sleep, not even caring if we made it to the parade or not. The next morning, I got a text from some number I didn't know with a picture of the parade saying that the parade was awesome. I asked Tess, and she said it was Jason, and I kind of got butterflies, even though I knew Tess had claim to him.

We did eventually get out to provo for the freedom festival, and on the way, Tess told me that she thought Jason liked me, and that I should go for it. I asked if she was sure, and she said yeah, which made me feel a lot better about the little crush I was developing for this boy. Jason met up with us, and we had an absolute BLAST. We went to colonial days, and the carnival, and thoroughly wore ourselves out.

Colonial Days at the freedom festival
Playing dress up
Just before Tessa had to leave...
This is where it gets good:
We decided it would be so fun to have a pool party, and then do fireworks afterwards! Tessa had to go home that afternoon, but we tried so hard to get her to stay! She couldn't, and I felt a little awkward with what I was going to do for the rest of the night, Jason hadn't exactly invited just me to a pool party and fireworks, he had invited both of us girls, so I didn't know what to do... We went to the grocery store with Tess so she could grab a drink for the ride home, and while we were there, Jason pulled me into the fireworks isle and had me help him pick out the fireworks we should light off! I was giddy!

After Tess left, Jason and I went to the pool and kind of had our own little pool party complete with music from my Ipod, eventually a few other people joined, but Jase and I were having a blast just tossing a Frisbee back and forth in the water and flirting it up.

We finally got sick of the pool, but it wasn't dark enough to light off fireworks yet, so we decided to watch a movie with his roommates while we waited. This part I can still remember like it was yesterday, and still makes me blush to this day. I sat down on the little love seat that they had in their apartment, and Jase came and sat next to me. A few minutes into the movie, Jason put his arm behind me on the couch, and I was like "oh man, this guy is forward! I hardly know him, but man he's cute so whatevs". We were watching some holocaust movie, and about two-thirds of the way through he used the same arm to hide my eyes from the screen... which pulled my head onto his shoulder. Man! He was so smooth, and I was thinking he was cute, and cuddling with him wouldn't be so bad- my heart was beating so hard, and I didn't know why! Our faces were basically cheek to cheek for whatever reason the way we were cuddling... This next part is so unlike me: Right there, with his roommates in the ROOM, Jason and I's lips brushed... not once, but THREE TIMES! Oh man! I kept thinking, what am I doing?! I barely know this boy! (kids, just because it worked out for dad and I, doesn't mean that I endorse kissing before you get to know somebody) dun dun duunnnn.....

 Anyway, I'll go on to part three tomorrow :)


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