{Part 4}

So after the "M" word was mentioned, there was nothing. Absolutely no talk of marriage for another  month and a half! We dated, and grew further and further in love, but there was no other mention of the "M." Well, as any girl knows, this simply wouldn't do. You can't just randomly mention marriage without expounding. I was dying to know what he was thinking about on the marriage front. The tension just built and built, until finally after one of our dress-up dates, I just blurted out "Jason, are you going to marry me or what?!" (I know, real mature) He must have been kind of expecting something like this, because it didn't even phase him! He simply asked, "Ash, are you proposing to me?" Pretty funny, right? Man, he's a hoot. I was not in the mood for this answer, though, and so I told him again that he better make his intentions known. This was a very serious conversation. He told me that yes, he did want to marry me, but he didn't know where to start. So I took the initiative.

As you may know, at the time, I was working at Duke's Jewelers in Springville. The next day, I went to work, and pulled out the folder I had made a million years ago with pictures of my favorite rings. I circled my top two, and told Richard (my boss) that Jason would be coming in soon, and described the kind of diamonds that I would like for him to bring in for Jason to look at.

On December 1st, while we were driving in my car, I told Jason that I was thinking that if we were going to get married, we might as well do it soon. I had always dreamed of a winter wedding, and Christmas break seemed like the optimal time. I then proceeded to tell him that I had the folder all ready to go, and that all he had to do was walk into Dukes, and Richard would take care of the rest. I told him that all he had to do was propose, and my mom and I would take over from there.

So off he went! A day or two later, we went to the store and talked to Richard and picked out the ring and diamond. (Richard said he was so nervous!) And that was that! I thought for sure Richard would take a while to get finishing my ring, it usually takes a few weeks, especially because Rich told me that we had to order the ring in, and then he had to set it. Jason got real sneaky on me two days later. He told me that he wanted to me to go get my hair done, and that it was on him! (Looking back, I SO should have suspected something here.) He had to get rid of me, you see, because we only had 1 car! (Jason had sold his the previous month) Luckily, the hair appointment took longer than expected, because it gave Jase time to run out to Dukes and get the ring that was done early!

That night we had a date planned to my ward's Christmas Party up at sundance... The rest of the engagement story is here :)

So that's how we met, fell in love, and got engaged to be married! I love my little love story :)


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