{Part 3}

That was the first of many crazy adventures.
We saw each other every day after that, and for the first week or so, I didn't know exactly where this was going, or what was happening between us, but I knew that I liked him, and that he was so fun to be around.

I still remember when I called him out.
We had gone up the side of a mountain in Springville to look at the lights, and he leaned in to kiss me, and I let him give me one little kiss before I stopped him-
He seemed a little surprised, but not as surprised as he was when I asked "What did that kiss mean to you?" He didn't seem to know what to say, so even though I was way nervous, I said the next part really fast: "because my dad always says that a guy will be honest if you ask him what a kiss means to him, if it means nothing, he will tell you, and that's when you know to stop wasting your kisses."

Jason then told me that he didn't know what my plans were, if I was going to stay in Utah County, or if I was headed back to Logan, or what, so he was just enjoying my company as long as he could. He said that he had a huge crush on me, and liked me a lot, and thanked me for asking him, because it made him respect me a lot more.

Then he completely surprised me and turned the question around and asked me "Well, what did the kiss mean to you?" 

I flat out told him, that if I didn't like him, or see at least a little bit of a future, I wouldn't still be there. I told him that if he was just in it for a non-committal make-out I was out of there, because I wasn't that kind of a girl. It scared me to death saying it, but as silly as it sounds, I knew that I was doing the right thing. He just hugged me, and said "what a girl." with a huge smile on his face.

The "L" Word
After that, we were dating, and did all kinds of fun things like going to the zoo, concerts, but mostly we just went on a lot of walks, and talked and got to know each other. I still remember the day I told him that I loved him. (Yes, I said it first... on accident) It was the end of september, and I had been feeling those feelings for a month or so, but I was waiting for him to say it first. We were saying goodnight in his grandma's basement, and it just came out! I was just finishing out a laugh, and without realizing it, I said 'You're too funny, I love you!' Jason stopped mid laugh, and just stared at me. Then he started telling me how much I meant to him, that I was such a cool girl, but HE DIDN'T SAY IT BACK! haha. I was mortified. Mortified, I tell you. I cried myself to sleep that night, and was a little standoffish for a day or two after that. The next week, Jason took me to Salem Pond during the sunset, and while we were watching the pretty sky and the reflections on the pond, Jason took my hand and told me he loved me, and ten reasons WHY he loved me. He said that he hadn't wanted to say the "L" word until he had prayed, and knew for sure. After that, every date we went on was magical, I seriously felt like I was walking on air!

The "M" Word
One night, probably mid october, Jason was walking me to my car just before midnight. We were talking about whatever we had been doing that night, and laughing about it, and gradually he got really quiet, and then started talking about selling his car for some reason. I was completely baffled, because that boy loved loved loved his car. That thing was always spotless, and smelling good. It was his baby. I asked him why on earth he would sell his car, and he was like ' I don't really need it, I mean, we have your car to get us places, and if we're going to get married, I need to save up for... stuff." I just stared at him. And then started laughing! I'm not going to lie, I had been thinking about it, but I was not expecting it to be brought up this fast, or this way! I was completely shocked, my heart was pounding so fast! And I was so completely happy. After I stopped laughing, I told him that I had been thinking about the 'M' word too, and coyly left it at that. It was just a brief mentioning, but it was enough to make me giddy! I might be the future Mrs. Jensen!!

{Part 4 to come later...}


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