Our Love Story {Part One}

I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs when she shared her story on how her husband and herself met, so if you are in the mood for TWO love stories, here's the link to her blog.

I really liked this idea because the story's still fresh, and I am sure our baby will want to know the story eventually, and I want to write down the details

Just prior to meeting:
It was June of 2010. I had been laid of from my job in Logan, and had to move home, as much as I didn't want to. I'll admit I was being a sour sport about it, I wasn't too excited to be leaving my life in Logan. Most of my friends were in Logan, and I didn't really have many ties to Utah County other than my family.
My birthday was just around the corner on July 1st, and I decided that I was going to go to the Stadium of Fire for the first time ever. Stadium of fire was on July 3rd that year, and my friend Tessa was coming up for a few days to come with me and to visit! My other friends Brad and Braden came down just for the evening because of their undying love for Carrie Underwood who sang that night.

This was my profile picture just before I met Jason
Jason's profile Pic 

July 3rd, 2010
I was seriously so excited to see Tess and to hang out with that with her! She is the sweetest, and I love her to death. She called me as she was pulling into Utah County the afternoon of the Stadium of Fire, and said that there was this boy in provo that she wanted to see while she was down here, and asked if it was okay with me if she stopped and said hi before coming to Salem. I was totally cool with that, and even teased her a little bit about this boy she had told me a little bit about. I told her to take her time, and I would finish getting ready and meet her in Provo in an hour or so.

I still remember driving into town that evening! I was so excited to see Tess, and to go to the Stadium of Fire! As I walked into the apartment where Tess and this mystery boy were hanging out, Jason said that he thought I was super cute, but I guess I had walked in the door at the same time as some other guy, and he thought I was claimed. We had some fun chitchatting, and I met Jason for the first time. He seemed like a really outgoing guy, and I thought "awe, good job, Tess!" haha!

Tess and I left a few minutes later, but not before Jason invited us to a little party he and his EFY friends were putting on. We said "we'll be there, boy!"

Burry picture of Tessa and I at Stadium of Fire

The Stadium was fun, but what I remember most was getting to the party! By the time we got there, (traffic was horrible!) the party was basically over, they were cleaning up, but the music was still playing, and anyone who knows me knows that when that lady gaga comes on the speakers, this girl loves to DANCE! Luckily, there were like 10 or so guys dancing, so Tess and I went and and joined.

This is the good part. Jason was one of those guys, and I guess my dancing set me apart from the rest of the pack. (I don't know why, but my dancing always seems to be a source of teasing for me, but I just keep on doing it, because I love it, and I must say, I think I dance like no one else can!) Jason was chasing some other girl at the time, so he told his friends that one of them should chase me, because I was cute, and that I was funny. I, of course, was oblivious to it all! I had just gotten out of a relationship, and wasn't looking for another one for a while.

Me on the day we met

I had told Tessa a little earlier that night that we HAD to go to Sammy's, and after the party cleared out, Jason and his brother, along with a few other boys came with us to that delectable of all places. Jason stole the glasses I was wearing that night with the lenses poked out of them. Thank goodness for that, because if he hadn't, I might not have ever seen my future husband again...

Note how the glasses have transferred from mine to Jason's face...
Part two tomorrow :)


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