On our way to where the air is sweeeeeet

I have had the sesame street theme song in my head all day long.
It must have something to do with the freezing cold cow smelling air
I keep having flashback memories to my family's trip to california last spring,
and gotta say, I'm loving the idea of some warm weather!

Oh but here I go talking about the weather again...
Down to the juicy stuff:
1. Our apartment is cute and little and has a pole in the middle of it, and once I have it all unpacked, I will take a picture of it
2. We live 1/2 a block away from campus, and it's so nice!
3. Jase and I are in three classes (if you include institute, which I do) together, and it's kind of funny watching him in class... it's just weird actually seeing my husband being a student! 
4. Its very weird going to class and hearing that the people around me were born in 1993.

Man, I'm old.

5. Just in case you were wondering... Cache Valley still smells like Cache Valley.

P.S. Today I am grateful for free hot chocolate.


McKayJoice said…
did you have the pole installed? or was it already there?
Ashley, the pole dancer. . .I can see it.

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