Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my husband is awesome

A sneak peek into our life: 

Sometimes, Jase dances to music while he brushes his teeth
It's adorable.
Man, it cracks me up every time
I am just glad that I caught at least a little of it on camera :)

P.S. Today I am grateful for my clean house!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

this is halloween, this is halloween

J and I were gnomes this year at our ward halloween party-
it was so fun
I made the hats by myself! 
Can I get a woot woot for the crafty side of Ashley coming through??

'Twas a grand time
I am so glad I have a hubby that will humor me and play dress-ups during halloween
Also, due to the convenient placement of the white beard and eye-brows on his red pointy hat, J has his christmas get-out all ready to go :)

P.S. Today, I am grateful for hard work.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Man, you guys, I really need to get it together, and stop being a bum.
I went to Wal-mart and passed by this little rug that had this slogan on in like four times, and I think it was trying to tell me something... haha

So by posting it on here, I am hoping the social context will give me a little boost.
I really want to leave a good mark on Provo while we are still here, but man it's hard when you know that you are leaving in just 2 months!

P.S. Today I am thankful for my amazing wonderful husband.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

there is no such thing as chance

Friday night, Jase and I ran to maceys to grab some treats for a movie date night. We missed the turn we usually take to get there, and had to drive to the far side of the parking lot to get there. As we were pulling in, we saw the most beautiful sight. There, sitting on the corner, was a homeless man. He was dirty, and had all of his personal belongings there on the sidewalk next to him. But on the other side of him, was a young man, with one hand holding the Book of Mormon, and the other around the homeless man, reading to him. They seemed to be in their own world, and I feel so blessed to be able to have witnessed the scene. I don't know either of them, but It inspired me to want to be more like that young man. I know that if I open my schedule for him, the savior will help me find time to bless other's lives with his gospel. I don't think it was a chance thing that We were able to see this scene. Recently, as I was going to study my scriptures, I opened right to Mormon 8:39. Maybe the lord is trying to tell me something... All I know is that I am awfully excited to be less focused on me, and more focused on how I can help others. The lord, I am sure, can move mountains through me if I let him.

P.S. Today, I am thankful for Chocolate.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

yogurt mustache

So a week or so ago, my funny brother-in-law, Nate, was telling me a story about a guy at his work who got written up for picking his nose. (Nathan is a chef up at the Sundance resort.) The way they knew he picked his nose was that he got a jalopeneo (I don't know how to spell that) burn up his nose after he had just chopped some of the little peppers up...

I laughed.

Fast forward to yesterday...
I decided to make salsa. Yes. Salsa. You know where this is going.
I realized that I had all of the ingredients for it (thanks to my awesome mother-in-law and her luscious garden),  except for jalopeneos... actually I remembered that I needed those after thinking about Nate's funny story.

So I go to the grocery store. Grabbed a little jalopeneo and jot back home. The whole time I am thinking to myself that I really should remember to not touch my face after I chop up the little, harmless looking pepper. 

True to my form, I did end up sub-counciously scratching the inside of my nose. It was very gradual, but it surely did start burning. I tried to wash it off, but it got worse, and spread to my upper lip. (Jason was a very good husband, and for the most part kept his cool, and didn't laugh)

Google is actually what came to the rescue! (I was a little too embarrassed to call Nate... haha!) I googled what to do when you have a jalopeneo burn up your nose... and they said to snort milk (Which I thought was a little un-ladylike. Instead I just soaked a cotton ball and shoved it up my nose. Pure heaven I tell you! But it didn't quite take care of the mustache area, so I ran back to macey's, and grabbed some yogurt and applied it to the burn right there in the parking lot! (This is where Jase lost his cool and started laughing his head off. I didn't mind though, I was so happy for the pain to stop) 

The pictures are actually hilarious! ( I wasn't in the mood to smile) Jase took them during his little laughing spell... gotta say, though, the salsa was worth the pain.

P.S. Today, I am grateful for Sarah.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

wedding pics

I GOT EM! Here are a few of my favorites! Thanks a million to Heather Kennington- would recommend her to anyone

I was a mess during the father-daughter dance. Man, I love my daddy.
What a great day- the best of my life.
I am one lucky girl.

P.S. Today, I am grateful for family.