Am I using the fact that I was sick on monday as an excuse to why I haven't posted for the last month?
Why Yes. Yes I am.
I think my poor blog is looking a little picture bare, and this simply will not do.
Let's fix this:

A collage of my favorite things:

These cafe lights that I have and don't know where to put... because they are way to cute to put just anywhere, and apartment living just isn't quite right for them

Couple time with my husband.

This outfit from Anthro... I am dying for these jeans!!

Summer swims. I love them. I miss them already.

As soon as I can find my cable to hook up my camera to the computer, i will be sharing my awesome photography skills from the last month too, but until then... Auf Veeterzain!

P.S. Today I am grateful for Ice Cream Sodas from SOS drug... Mmmm!


ellenbush said…
love you and miss you!

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