I'm sitting here, after picking my husband up after work, and waiting for him to wake up from a nap and celebrate my birthday... It's times like these that can really get you thinking. Thinking about the last year.

Last year, on this exact same day, I was on my way to an ex-boyfriend's wedding reception, just so I could see some friends from the old college town.

Last year, on this exact same day, I saw my friend Tess at that same wedding reception, and invited her come down and visit me the next day.

Last year, on this exact same day, Tess told me about this boy who she had a crush on and wanted to see while she was down here... some guy named Jason or something.

Exactly a year ago from today, I started one of the most exciting journeys of my life... and while it's fun to look back and see what has changed, and who I haven't talked to, because my phone keeps deleting contact's numbers and I don't see my old girlies enough to get their numbers back...

I can't help but feel grateful for how much I've grown in this last year

and if year 23 helps me grow as much as 22 did,
I will be one lucky lady.

P.S. Today, I am thankful for Jason's homemade cake. mmmm.....


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