Some Stats

I have been dating J for 10 months now.
I have been engaged to him for 6 of them.
We have 46 days left until we are married.
I will become officially and legally insane this friday...
don't worry, I'll be back to normal come June 5th.
It's a temporary thing.
I think.

Enough of the Stats.

What I do to pass time and make it go faster:

Take Jason on suprise dates! haha
I know it's the boy's job, but I seriously love suprising him with these dates!

The last one was especially fun. I grabbed gandolfo's sandwiches, a tablecloth, a sign that said "This table is reserved for the Future Mr. and Mrs. Jensen" and wisked him off to the cougar eat the eat it!! hahaha. The looks we got were hilarious!

There is alot of good people watching to do in the cougar eat... especially around 7.
(The freshmen are all on on dates then) Hahahaha

Anyway, Thanks for a good laugh, Cougar Eat.

This pic was taken on the third day of knowing each other... our first kind of date... and our first kiss! haha.

we are a funny/weird couple.

P.S. Today, I'm thankful for work.


Shelby Lou said…
I love you!

I love that you are in love, and happy, and just BEAMING with light. You are amazing.

Thanks for being inspiring, and optomistic. <3

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