Just to tide us over

it's been a little while...
Do you notice what day it is??
I should be getting my official engagements done today, but we decided to think better of it due to the
We rescheduled for the 11th instead.
But since it's my day off, and I have a sister that was funny and took some pictures of J and I at the beach last week, I edited them, and they actually turned out pretty neat!

My real engagements are going to be legit, though!! So excited!

My wedding is going for a kind of garden party/kentucky derby feel, and Heather has a whole bunch of plans to make the pictures go with the theme- I am so so so excited!!!

Here are a few of the beach pictures, though:

Should tide us over until we get the real ones up!

P.S. Today, I am grateful for Pizza Picnics with my sweetheart


Heather said…
I made your blog! I think it is so cute too. You and Jason are so photogenic - your pics are going to be awesome! I say that with all humility :)

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