Drug Lords... My anti-drug.

Dear Drug Lords on the Mexico boarder:

You have come very close to ruining my honeymoon multiple times.
enough is enough.
No one likes your drugs anyway.
They smell bad.
I am afraid the cause that you're fighting for is actually ruining your countries tourist economy.
Please go away? Please?

For now though, We will be sticking to the good 'ole USA!
And OUR tourist dollars will be going to boosting America's suffering economy instead.

So I guess I should thank you!
Thank you, Drug Lords, for helping me to be more patriotic.

Sincerely (There's no love comin your way from me, sorry bud),
-Ash bash cash dash.

P.S. Today I am thankful for Food.


Alexis Lopez said…
The "Drug Lords" are on the border because patriotic Americans are buying their drugs in exchange for our guns. The problem is on both sides of the border. It isn't just the Mexican Cartels. Still I am sorry that the border problems had to mess up your honeymoon plans. That stinks!

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