"A nose is a nose, like a rose is a rose, as everybody knows."

...watch Saturdays Warrior for me, if you can! I've been craving it!

Here's the jist of what I want to say on here today:
Being engaged doesn't suck.
Everyone says it does, but for the most part,
it doesn't!
I'm not saying there aren't hard times, but
Life is going to throw hard times at you no matter where you are!
I'd much much rather have the hard times being engaged than being single.
Just sayin'.
Having one other person to lean on makes it
that much better.
Enough with all of that though, because I am here to focus on what goes on for the
of engaged lives...
the good stuff.

I love being engaged!
We registered!!
To do this, we had to stand in a long line.
My feet were getting tired of standing...
so I got a shopping cart, and sat down!

Through Mr. Jason's eyes (glasses):

heh heh. Funny!
Quirky, I say.
Don't you love that word? Quirky?

I also found the shirt that I made to wear to Mr. BYU when Jason ran. (He got 1st attendant! So proud. Still.)
The paint was still wet when the night came, so I couldn't wear it! But here it is!


Good Clean Fun!

Hopin life throws you the best! :D

P.S. Today I am grateful for non-greasy food!


Unknown said…
Love your posts...they make me smile...you're right, being engaged doesn't suck. I loved it! I'm glad you like it too, cause you'll never do it again...hopefully;)
Ashley said…
Mary, I am a flake. and I am sorry!!! We really are wanting to get together, but my phone has been a mess the last few weeks, and I totally spaced the other Saturday... as soon as I get this phone thing fixed, I'll give you a shout out :) Loves

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