first valentines day.

J told me we were having hot dogs.
but I got home from work, and found this:

This is nate. Jason's Chef Brother!
He made us a delicious dinner!

It was the cutest!
A Candlelight dinner.
He arranged these flowers by himself!

Impressive. ;)
And I got him that basketball.

Man, I love this boy!

P.S. Today, I am grateful for Allergy Medicine.


gillian said…
awww cute. Hooray for boys who do all the right things right? haha. Glad you had a good valentines day!
Glenna Bartlett said…
Awe!! So so happy for you guys! These times are so special and last WAY too long but really...not long enough =) Being engaged is so fun! Being married is even more fun!!
Ashley said…
Hey cutie married girls!!! I love you both! And I love BOTH of your blogs!! You make being married look like so much fun, and get me so excited! :D

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