Been too long, my friends. Toooo long

Whew! Who knew being engaged would be this busy?
LIfe is crazy, life is fun, complicated, hard, and beautiful
all at the same time!
Roller coaster.
Lucky for me, tho (And for all of you)
The bad guys always lose,
the good always triumphs,
and the happy days are all that matter.

*June 4th, 2011*

P.S. Today I am thankful for Nie Nie.


Unknown said…
Okay this is great...being engaged IS busy, but don't forget to enjoy it too. Cause you're only engaged once...(hopefully). I can't wait to go to your's already on the calendar...k not yet but my brain calendar...which is pretty reliable. Let's get soon. K see ya...bye!
McKayJoice said…
I know this is a bit late, I've been out of the loop.

how exciting! Good luck with the planning, and remeber to always take time for ice cream, it always helps me when I have an overload of things to do.

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