Saturday Night Adventures

So Jason, a few years back, went to Brazil on an LDS mission.
Click here if you want to know more about our church, it is what brings light into my life.
Anyway, we went to SLC for a reunion with all of his old mission buddies!
It was so fun!

Afterwards, after we had already driven back home, we decided we were in the mood for an adventure.
And since Coney's was giving away custard for free, we decided to drive for another 15 min. to get some delicious goodness...
We had so much fun
And even got to meet the owner, Jay!

Next stop was the Target next door, we had a blast playing around with funny hats, looking at cute bikes, and.... Loving the christmas isle!!

We ended the night off watching a movie that J had never seen... Pink Panther.
Overall, a good night.

Well, this half of the random couple is out!

P.S. Today I'm thankful for cute beanies.


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