Fine. Fresh. Fierce.... Fabulous

Those are the four F words that describe my life right now!
You know when you're watching the most amazing movie in the world
and the music in the background starts to swell...
and your heart does this giant flop, cuz you're so dang it happy
for those tiny people on the screen??
And you squeal into the pillow you're squeezing the life out of?
Because maybe they finally got their life together, or found a long lost friend, got a new puppy, just saved the universe, or the classic- discovered the love of their life...
You know that feeling?
You just feel like rocking life.
That's how I feel right now... and have been, non-stop all week.
Watch out life. I'm about to rock you.

I love you.
Rock on.

P.S. Today, I'm thankful for my Logan friends.


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