Easy Peasy

Soo, Friday and Saturday
I went canyoneering for the first time!
It was Terrifying,
and Fun.

I'll tell you, though...
While it's gonna be fun to maybe keep this up...
I just love my bed way too much to be gone too much.
It was a good trip to get away and clear the head,
You know?
Thanks for inviting me, linds!!
P.S. Today I'm grateful for Back Massages...
or I will be once I get one...
come back from vernal, spence!! haha


McKayJoice said…
Hey chica, just found your blog and is it so cute!I'm stoked to start reading! I love bloggers.
Ashley said…
I just some of yours too! It's great!! At least we can be blogging buddies! :D haha

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