All grown up... Officially!:)

My Birthday was yesterday, yo. It was SO MUCH FUN! I was surrounded by my favorite people the whole day-which makes any day the best in my book. I went to lagoon with my sis, dad, and bro (who's ONE INCH from being taller than me... say What?? Got home and went to the White Owl for the first time... 21 and older, baby! On the way out, Ken and Vic lifted me up girls camp style while Kara, Sharice, Tom, and Heather all sang a birthday song to me! Then Ken and I ran through every single sprinkler at this random elementary school, and got SOAKED... so FUN! We then proceeded to watch 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas' ... kara cried I think;) Overall, it was a pretty great Birthday! Here are some pics to go along with this post! 
Makell and I had a shared birthday party the night before, so here are some pics from that, and the day of:

Birthday Party, My place!:

Ken and Tom at the WHITE OWL!!:

Lagoon! 21 and older, baby!!

Seriously Made My Night!!:


Shelby Lou said…
I love that you have a blog. It makes me happy inside! :D GREATNESS!!!!

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