18 days til my BIRTHDAY!!!!

Top Ten GREATEST things that have happened since March! (in no particular order)

10. I moved into my new house, and LOVE my new roomies... they're so cute! Mackell, Michelle, Ellen, and Heather-seriously, the greatest!

9. Work is going great still! Go Diamond Gallery!

8. Alyssa had her baby, so cute! Micky Colby Christianson is his name!
7. I Discovered SUSHI!!! LOVE it! No, but really.

6. All of my old roomies are dating dream men! ;)

5. I Made a new Bestie! KTC

4. My Sister Sarah won MISS SALLEM!! Wooo! Second Generation!

3. I went ROCK CLIMBING!!! Pictures to come.

2. I went to Hawaii with Dawnica... it was a while ago... but I like mentioning it whenever I can... Again, pictures to come!

1. Last night, I was the cream in an Oreo spooning sesh! Say WHAT!?

Love ya! write again, soon!

Sarah and me @ Miss Salem!


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