Da Da Doo Doo.... Just Dance

As per usually, it has taken me at least a month to get on here and write again... Don't judge. ;) I'm gonna post about boys... since it's like the only thing anyone has talked about to me in the past week! I found out yesterday that my mom had kissed the exact same amount of boys as I have at my age!!!- This was probably the best news of my life until she said, and I quote, "hmm.... well, when I was your age... let's see... I was engaged to your dad... so let me count" REALLY!! That's what happened! And now, I've officially one up'ed her, and while I am blissfully single- I'm feelin the pressure! It's real, and it's fun... but it's not real fun. <-line from Elizabeth Town- GREAT movie! Anyways, can't be a utah girl without commenting about single life utah girl style!

Tomorrow I'm gonna be photoshooted to be in the new USU admissions campaign... should be interesting- I'll let you know how it goes! What to wear....???

Next time I'll tell you about my spring break trip to Hawaii with my rommie Dawnica! :D


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