Becoming Me!

I am becoming an expert in fixing problems all by myself!!! Seriously, this is a big deal!! Ask my parents, I've been calling them less and less for advice on how to fix everyday things, and am one step closer to being independent- FOR example: My keyboard. Right now, as I am typing this, my shift button on works half the time, and in order to put a space in between words, I have to push extra hard TWICE!!! Let me tell you how I got into this predicament- I have a makeshift desk for my computer, which is just an old wine rack that has the top part cut off! There isn't really a place to put my keyboard, so it keeps falling off my desk on to the floor! The last time this happened, ALL of the keys fell off! Now, ordinarily, this would be something that I would call my dad to help me.... or just mail him all the parts so he could fix it for me.... but not THIS time!! haha, No. I sat for a few hours, and fixed it all by myself! This was a huge feat! I am so proud to have the control button and the option button mixed up, and I am so happy to even have a spacebar ON my keyboard, that everytime I push it extra hard, I just think of how grateful I should be to be able to type right now!!

Life here is pretty much the same! I just do school and work and play and throw a little pageant in there here and there when I have time! My highlight of my month was prolly being able to go home this month! Here are a few pics from that trip- As much as I LOVE being on my own, I do miss my fam a ton!! But that's how life is! :D Peace out!


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