You know that feeling when you walk out of a class right after you take a test, and you KNOW you did absolutely fabulous!? I LOVE IT!!! Seriously! It's almost as good as winning a really really close basketball game! 
Every time I don't feel like studying, I have to remind myself why I'm up here at school- and I'm writing that reason down on here, so that every time I look on here, and read this blog, I'll be reminded. School for me is more like a responsibility than anything else. What I learn here will affect more than just me. I wouldn't like a doctor who aced all his easy classes, but when it came to the harder ones, he barely got by with a C by cramming before his tests! I'm up here to learn, meet new people, and get involved, not to earn grades! Geez! That sounds way serious, but really, what I learn up here will affect more than just my career, it'll affect my future family, neighbors, and community! Wow!! 
That's why I love school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH!! and P.S. I got a 93% on my test today!!! YEESSSSSS!!


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