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Birth Story

Teddy was due on september 15th, but by the time the first of september rolled around, I was more than ready for him to come, as you could probably tell in that blog post. I was sure that I would get more sleep with a baby outside of me than I ever would with him inside of me! So for the next week, I did everything I could to get this baby out of me, took long walks, ate spicy food, pineapple, the works. Wednesday I went into the doctor and got my membranes stripped (ouch)- and thought for sure that would do it... nothing. Thursday I went for a 2 mile walk (well more like a waddle) around logan... nothing but a few contractions. Friday, I gave up. I did what my body really wanted me to do, and just rested all day, and that night we went to Hyrum to do laundry at Jason's parent's house... the whole time I was joking around that as soon as we left Logan my water would break, and Jase would have to deliver him in the car.
So we get to Hyrum, get our clothes in the washer, and I&…

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